Joani MacCubbin

February, 2017

Have you been noticing the gorgeous pink flowering trees out there lately. It’s the pink tabebuia. They’ve been in bloom at our house for about 2 weeks and will probably continue for another couple of weeks.

Photo: Joani MacCubbin

The Pink Tabebuia is a very nice tree.....a wonderful shade tree and not invasive. They can grow to about 25 feet tall and as wide. It’s a deciduous tree that gently drops it’s leaves in December. And almost before you realize it the whole tree is full of flower buds....then....not long after....it will be aglow with beautiful pink and softly scented flowers. Flowering time can last from late December and on into January.

After it’s flowering time has ended new leaves will start to appear and also long seed pods that look similar to very long string beans.... and as time passes they will dry and turn brown and begin to split open. If you’d like to grow a few more tabebuias, take some of the dry seeds from the pod, plant them in a flat or pot, keep the soil moist and soon after you will have tree seedlings ready to keep or share.

A few years ago I collected and planted some seeds and just about every one of them sprouted and grew nicely. We shared them with a few of our neighbors and planted some around the retention pond of our neighborhood. They have no care there except from Mother Nature and are in bloom now and doing quite well.

The only problem you will have with the tree is when it flowers it does so in an explosion of flowers....translated that means you will have a lot of raking to do if those flowers will be falling on your lawn.....so rake gently or it may damage your lawn.

There is also a yellow tabebuia which is Tom’s favorite and will bloom a little later..... about the time that the pink one finishes flowering. They are very polite to each other. The yellow one still has all it’s leaves and the flower buds are just beginning to form and in a couple of weeks it will also an explosion of a very bright and noticeable yellow.

Either one or both would be a very nice shade tree and a colorful addition to any yard.

-If you have any questions, please drop me a line at joani@betterlawns.com

See you next month!
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