Joani MacCubbin

January, 2013

It’s time to start putting our Christmas things away and thinking of what is the best thing to do with all our Christmas plants received and others that we’ve grown ourselves. Some of us have had Christmas cactus passed down through their families for many years while some of us are now collectors of new and exciting colors of them and the poinsettias.

The poinsettias that we’ve had in our houses may not be looking very well now even though we have watered them and feel that we have taken good care of them. You’ve probably noticed that the flower part that’s in the very center of the colored bracts may have been dropping and leaving dusty pollen behind on your furniture......while some of the bracts, which are the colored portion of the poinsettia, are turning brown on the edges and probably drying up and dropping.

Christmas cactus has probably dropped many buds and flowers while others haveChristmas Cactus
Christmas Cactus
Photo by Joani MacCubbin
recently come into an explosion of color. It all depends upon the type of ‘cactus’ you have. (Some don’t even bloom until around Easter time) If yours have dropped all buds and no sign of others coming it is probably time to put them outside in a shady protected area. They will not enjoy being out in freezing temperatures......if so you will not be able to enjoy them next Christmas.

Poinsettias can also be put outside and will do well as long as they are in a protected area so they won’t get blown over......either in the sun or partial sunny area. Poinsettias have brittle stems and can snap off easily so if they are in a plastic pot protect them from falling over in breezing conditions. We either set the plastic pots in clay pots or if needed repot them into larger pots to make them more stable in windy conditions.

Finally a little full strength fertilizer is probably needed about now in your holiday plants. Poinsettias are now thinking.....’bring it on now’ and continue once a month. Christmas cactus will need it also starting in March.

-If you have any questions, please drop me a line at joani@betterlawns.com

See you next month!
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