Joani MacCubbin

March, 2017

Have you noticed a new birdy flying through recently? Well there is one coming very soon. It’s the ‘Purple Martin’......they might be called Purple Martins but they aren’t purple at all. They are actually a very dark blue with a glossy look. You might even think they are black as they do look almost black. They also have a forked tail.

Purple MartinPurple Martin
Photo: Joani MacCubbin

Early native Americans really enjoyed seeing the Purple Martins come through and made houses for them. They made them in the shape of hollowed out gourds.

Purple Martins are considered quite beautiful and beneficial birds and are considered graceful, clean and interesting in watch. And you might love this....they make bubbling chirps and trills.

The sound that Purple Martins make are bubbling chirps and trills which lots of us enjoy hearing if they enter our yards. Now.....a very good thing they can bring to your yard is......they love mosquitoes and a one Purple Martin can eat.....thousands of them in one day. I’d say that is a nice little birdy to have in your yard. They also have been noticed to enjoy being around people and depend on us for their shelter.

They can be seen in almost every state here but when winter approaches they migrate to South America. But most of them will return to their same breeding spots every year. The areas that they love to call home are in grassy areas by streams, marshes, meadows or large woodsy areas by lakes and ponds.
As I mentioned earlier they love mosquitoes but they also eat many other flying insects......like beetles, flies, dragonflies and moths.

To possibly bring them into your yard.....this is what Tom did. Years ago he built a large and quite pretty bird house with many openings on the side. It is quite tall...probably 15ft. tall. Our neighbor helped Tom to put it up and we enjoy watching for the Purple Martins to arrive.....well they never have but we are still hoping to someday to see them.

I think the reason they haven’t is......EPCOT has a large area where they have come.......lots of them live in nice bird houses with......nearby entertainment. They don’t seem to mind having lots of the tourists being close by either. The question is......would you rather live in EPCOT or in our back yard????

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See you next month!
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