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Easter Lilies Are Repeat Performers

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Article & Photos by Tom MacCubbin
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Easter Lily
Easter Lily
Picture: Tom MacCubbin

Just about now you are probably thinking about what to do with the saved Easter lily. If you plant it, the bulb is going to bloom again. This is one of a few oriental type lilies that do well in Florida. There are no secrets to the success with the Easter lily bulb. Normal care is all it needs.
Find a sunny to lightly shaded location where the bulb can grow for another year. It is best to improve sandy soils with lots of organic matter. Then remove the lily plant from its container and set the top of the root ball even with the soil line. Fill in around the plant with soil and water. Planting an Easter lily is this easy.

Expect your lily to grow for another month or two. So, keep the soil moist and apply a light feeding of a slow release fertilizer. Gradually the plant is going to decline. When this occurs you can cut the stalk back to the ground. Here is something important. If you are like most of us, you are going to forget where you planted the bulb. So mark the spot with an obvious label.

Around next January the bulb is going to begin growth. Look for the thick green shoots to begin to emerge. When this happens, keep the soil moist. Gradually the lily is going to form a new plant making most growth in March and April. You can apply a fertilizer application at this time. The plant is likely to not bloom for Easter, but open the trumpet-shaped flowers during May. Keep the soil moist and apply a light feeding again after flowering.

Easter lilies are fun to grow and are one the few forced bulbs worth keeping to flower again in the Florida garden.




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