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Cactus Again Popular with Busy Gardeners

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by Tom MacCubbin
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Picture: Tom MacCubbin


If you are like most busy people you are running out of time for plants. And you are not too proud to admit the last plant you purchased shriveled due to a lack of water and others are yellowing in a dark corner. Perhaps you are beginning to wonder if there is there a plant for you?

Well, have you every thought of cactus? It’s not a joke these sticky desert dwellers are tough and durable. They blend in well with a busy life style in homes, apartments and offices. All you have to do is provide a sunny location or at least a very bright area.

There is a lot to like about cactus including the old man cactus with a grey hairy look, the bishop’s cap shaped like a hat, big round barrel cactus, grafted varieties of different colors, pink flowered pincushion and much more. You can keep cactus in individual pots or mix several together in a large container to create an attractive desert scene.

Just follow these carefree tips to keep the cactus growing.

Water when the surface soil dries to the touch; usually every week or two.
Keep in a warm room above 55 degrees.
Feed with a house plant fertilizer every 3 to 4 months

Repot only when plants fill the container.

Grow in a very sandy cactus mix available at garden centers.
Periodically check for mites and scale; apply a soap spray if needed.

If you haven’t noticed cactus are in style right now. Why? Well it is due to their easy care. Bring one or two home and your are sure to be a success with this durable plant.




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