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New Starts from African Violets

African Violets

One of the quickest ways to multiply African violet collections is by division. Possibly you have noticed the new shoots that ruin the plant's good looks but didn't know what to do.

Remove the plant from the pot and with just a little pressure the shoots should separate into individual plants. Normally each has started roots and is ready to grow. Repot each shoot in a small container. African violets like to be a bit crowded. The compact root systems are less likely to root and the plants seem to flower better.

Following are a few more tips to grow healthy new African violet plants:

Grow the plants in bright light but out of direct sun.
Water when the surface soil starts to feel dry to the touch.
Feed as you water with a solution made by mixing one-quarter teaspoon of 20-20-20 in gallon of water.
Periodically turn violets to expose all sides to the light.
Groom plants to remove yellowing leaves and old flower heads.
Check for mealy bugs and control as needed.

African violets are repotted several times a year. Some soil is removed from around the roots and most are repotted in the same size container using fresh potting mix.